Monday, June 18, 2012

And I Love Him. . .

It's really late, and I just got back from school.

So this will be brief.

Today James Paul McCartney is 70 years old.

Paulie, Sir Paul, The Cute Beatle. .  .I love him.

I've loved Paul McCartney since I was about 12.

I was born during the last 2 weeks of 1965, so any Beatle music I heard first hand was WAY before I can remember.

Yet somehow, I spent my middle school years a raving Beatlemaniac. 

My friends Carolyn & Mary & I would go to BeatleFest each year.  BeatleFest was a convention that descended on downtown Chicago for three days.

We went all three days.

One year, Mike McCartney -- or Mike McGear, as he is known professionally -- spoke at BeatleFest.  He is Paul's younger brother & looks EXACTLY LIKE HIM, only blond.  We waited in line to get his autograph, and dared each other to ask for a kiss.

I was first, so I said "I'm supposed to ask for a kiss".

And he kissed me. 

On the mouth.

No tongue though.

In my mind,  I kinda made out with Paul McCartney's brother.

I was 13 and it was the hottest experience I had ever experienced. (And remained the hottest experience for about 6 years.) 

We went to see BeatleMania when it played Chicago.  Mary & I got front row seats and screamed the WHOLE time.  Part of the show involved the actors tossing a green apple to each other.  After their encore, the actor who played Paul threw the apple to ME.

I still have that apple.

I never stopped loving him. 

I love his music.  I love his sense of humor.  I love the beautiful marriage and family he had with Linda.  I loved Wings -- not as much as the Beatles, but London Town is a damn fine album.

I love everything about Paul except for his horrid second wife.  Good Riddance to Bad Trash is all I can say about her.  Oh, and I can also say that she is an evil harpie who I hope is riddled with canker sores all over her face for the rest of her life. 

His third wife seems like a nice companion in his final years.  She better be. 

So happy birthday Paulie.

Used without permission.  In all fairness, I did google "Royalty Free Images". . .


I Love You



  1. Oh my freakin' hell! After I got about 3 lines into this, I had to stop and go back because I thought you said Sir Paul (God forbid!!) had died! Phew! Glad I was SO wrong!!

    1. Bite your tongue! Of course, I wouldn't be the first with that rumor. . .

  2. I'm old enough to remember all about the Beatles. What girl of my generation didn't love Paul? I've just got to say, Paul has held up very well. He's still gorgeous!

    The Beatles are the reason I no longer discuss music with my students. The last time I had such a discussion with a middle school student, he said "The Beatles? That was a band, right?" When I regained consciousness, I explained that no The Beatles were not A BAND. The Beatles were THE BAND. Kids! They don't know good music.

    1. Funny how they transcend generations. My kids love Yellow Submarine & Octopus' Garden. We listen to Rubber Soul all the time.

  3. OMG Mary!!! I can still see that picture in my head of you holding that apple after the show!!! And while I remember seeing Mike McCartney at Beatlefest one year (1986?), I believe it was actually Steve Holly who kissed you!!! Were we really 13??? Good grief!!! Good times!

    The Other Mary...

    1. It was NOT Steve Holly it was Mike McGear!!!!!!! He's my boyfriend!

      It was so fun tho right? We were such dorks. In a very Beatle way.


    That is all.

  5. I loved Wings -- not as much as the Beatles, but London Town is a damn fine album. Absolutely agreed!


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