Monday, August 16, 2010

Facebook Mary

This cracked me up.

Back story......My friend and I used to go to the same salon - her for brow waxing and me for hair cut & color. There was some major drama there and both our stylists left and moved to different salons.

This morning, I get this e-mail:

Yesterday I drive out to BFE for my first appointment with Jennifer at her new salon. We're talking about all the drama that happened at her old salon and whether customers are obligated to stay at the salon or should move with their stylist. I mention that Mary was also moving with Kasey to her new salon. She was trying to figure out which client Mary was and she finally says........ "oh you mean Facebook Mary?!?".

I just burst out laughing and said I'm sure that's her because her name is Mary and she LOVES her Facebook!!!!! It was just too funny!!!

For a social girl like me, Facebook was a godsend. I love it. Where else can you keep up with high school friends, college friends, friends from your first job and friends that live on the other side of town in one fell swoop?

I am not a Facebook Whore, although I DO have 451 friends. But I know all of those people personally. I do.

Well, except for some of my cousins’ wives – but it’s ok because we are related.

Two of my favorite Facebook friends are my cousin Mark & his wife Rae. My cousin Mark is about 12-13 years older than me. When I was a little kid, my family lived in Colorado, Texas and Oklahoma for a while. When we moved back to the Western Suburbs of Chicago in 1976, Mark was already in the Air Force. Plus, he was 23 – why would he want anything to do with his 10 year old cousin?

So Mark was a grownup and not around too much when I was a kid.

He’s still a grownup. But I’m not 10 any more. And he is delightful. It has been great getting to know him, even via Facebook.

Best of all, Mark’s wife Rae is my Facebook friend. Honestly, I think I talk to her every day. She is fun, she is sweet and she is just another one of my girlfriends now. Would she have been one of my girlfriends otherwise? I doubt it. I’ve never actually met her.

I pink puffy heart Facebook!


  1. Shut UP, I LOVE facebook! There is nothing--NOTHING--that could have kept me sane while my daughter was an infant had it not been for facebook.


    I LOVE facebook.

  2. Yep - that's a totally true story!!!!

  3. Thanks Mary, You and your crew are becoming some of our favorites also. Distance is being overcome by electronics. FB and your relationship with Rae are proof!

    Mark Z


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