Sunday, August 1, 2010

This? This is why people hate excercising.

I finished my 4th bootcamp yesterday.

Good results so far, not a lot of weight lost, but lost inches. (Yes, mostly from my boobs). My big win is I lost 3% body fat! Yeay!

But I am so sore I can barely reach the keyboard to whine about how hard it is.

When does it stop being so hurty?

Does it ever?

Hey fit people -- do you ENJOY this constant flu-like muscle ache brought about by strenuous exercise?

Personally, I prefer the self loathing nausea that comes with finishing off most of a cheesecake.

But I have 60 more days to go. I am not a quitter. Just a whiner.


P.S. Victor? I'll be in on Tuesday. whimper


  1. Hey Mary, if you find out the answer on when the pain goes away give me a shout, OUCH!

    BTW, we have the same birth date.

  2. Too, too funny! Speaking as someone who runs and takes dance classes, I can tell you your body eventually gets used to whatever you're doing. In the meantime, you need hot Epsom Salt baths and lots of 'em. Hang in there, bootcamper!

  3. Ha!!!! My rational to those constant aches and pains is that there is a thin line between pleasure and pain! And for the past 3 months thanks to Victor I have been riding that line!!!
    It's a vicious cycle.... the soreness is a constant reminder that you have actually made your muscles work. Yet unfortunately the one true fast way to get rid of that aching lactic acid build up is work out SOME MORE! Its natures cruel joke! lol
    Oh and the answer to your question, "NO!" the soreness never goes away.... at least not with Victor! As soon as you think "hey this is a little easier. I can actually breath and feel all my extremities" Victor yells "hey is that all you got" "oh i forgot add 10 more pounds to that and give me 5sets instead of 3", and my personal favorite "I'm sooooo gonna kill you today!" (oddly enough I'm rather excited by that one. haha)
    BUT in his defense the man is good at what he does:) about 25 lbs lighter,a few sizes lower, and a heck of alot more endurance I have little to complain about.
    And after last week Im afraid to complain.... He seems to find a way to push you to the edge without letting you fall over!
    So keep up the good work its well worth it...

    nurse :)

  4. Ugh. I used to hate hate HATE working out. But then... I found out (sheesh, after three years of running track and swimming in high school and hating it and then doing nothing workout-wise in the years since) that I have excercise induced asthma.


    Now I just hate working out with one "hate," not three.


  5. It always hurts if you are doing it right . Good for you and thanks for inspiring me to get to the gym tomorrow


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