Saturday, August 28, 2010

O To Be A Child Again. . .

Yesterday my 2 older boys stayed home from school.  They weren't sick or anything -- Joseph's pet jellyfish were being delivered yesterday, and they wanted to make sure to be home for delivery. 

Yeah, we have jellyfish for pets.

After the pets made it into their tank safely, I wanted to work out. 

I actually wanted to.  Weird, right?

We packed a bag full of toys & books and headed out to V-Fit.

The toys and books amused the boys for 25 seconds.

Hardly anyone was there, so it was OK for them to walk around a bit. I was doing jump squats.  Jump squats aren't my favorite.  Especially when I have to do 4 sets of 25.  Especially when the boys thought the squats looked like fun, so they decided to do it too. 

When I do jump squats, I jump-squat-grunt.  Sometimes I jump-grunt-squat. 

When my boys do jump squats, they jump-say WHEE-squat-giggle.Then they say "Look, I can go fast!" and do about 30 in quick succession with perfect form and don't sweat.

Then it was time to do these horrible things where I sit on the floor, balance on my butt, keep my feet 6 inches off the floor, and take a 4 lb medicine ball and weave it in a figure 8 around my legs.  When you do it right, it looks really, really smooth.  When you've had 3 C-Sections, it doesn't look quite so pretty. 

Plus, it's hard to keep everything in.  In other words, I go grunt-weave-pfft-grunt-weave-repeat.  The "pfft" part made my boys laugh hysterically.  Especially because I have always told them that going pfft is very rude.

Only Daddies go "pfft". 

Never mommies.

Next I did leg presses on the machine.  Luke wanted to sit on my lap, but I said no.

"Is it because it will make you fart again?" 

"No!  Just go play for 5 minutes, willya?"

Finally it was time to do the pit.  My boys love the pit.  They run down, say "Chase me Mama!" and scoot back up.  Over and over.  Laughing and giggling while I wheeze and huff.

"Mama - remember when you were playing with that ball and you farted?  That was funny!" said Joe, as if it happened years ago and not just 30 minutes ago.

Finally it was time to leave.

We see Victor on the way out.  Victor cut his hair short, which really brings out his big brown eyes, his lantern jaw and shows the sinewy muscles of his neck. Sigh.

Victor says "Hey!  How was the work out?!"

Luke says "Mama farted!"

That kid is lucky to still be alive.


  1. Mary if your boys are anything like my boys, that pfft will be talked about for months to come =} But I love 'em more than my luggage =}

  2. Ha! That just made me burst out laughing! Thanks for the giggle, fitness queen!

  3. From the mouths of babes!!!!! ;)

  4. "Is it because it will make you fart again?"

    Haha, I just love how honest you are when you tell a story! Thanks for sharing!


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