Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to Grad School

I am working on my MBA.

I am working on it VERY S-L-O-W-L-Y.

I am taking it slow because I am paying cash. The only debt we have left (except for our house) is the one million dollar student loan we are paying for my architect husband's masters degree. Which he finished in 1997. And, if you will refer to my post about the frickin' Brady Bunch, you will know that architects don't make the kind of money that Mike Brady led everyone to believe. Bastard.

I graduated from college (Go Big Red!) in 1988.  That was last century.  I have a degree in Political Science.  Which, for all intents and purposes is useless.  

Wait -- it's not useless.  It's just not terribly useful.  There is a difference.

I am pursuing my MBA because I work for a College.  If you want to ever get promoted at a college, you must have a Masters.  Preferably not in Political Science.

Getting a Masters is very interesting.  For one thing, it makes me feel old.

I am not the oldest person in my class.  There is one woman  older than me, but she just finished her Bachelors.  I got my Bachelors TWENTY-TWO YEARS AGO.  We didn't even have laptops back then. 

Ironically, graduate school also makes me feel like a petulant 5 year old.  This is because in each class I have taken thus far, the professor has felt the need to give us this lecture on the first day:

"You are in Graduate School now.  You must expect to do higher level work.  You can't just coast through."

No Shit, Dr. Sherlock.  I know he is talking to the 22 year olds and not to me.  Do graduate students really behave so badly?  Really?

Last semester was fun.  There were a lot of undergrads in the class.  We had to do group projects. 

I said "who wants to be in the group with the old lady?"

Immediately this little frat boy raised his hand.

I looked at him & said "You just want me to buy beer for you, don't you?"

This semester is all graduate students.  All very young looking graduate students.  I feel like a chaperon. 

I'm not buying beer for anyone.

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