Sunday, September 12, 2010

It Rhymes With Floor

It rhymes with Floor, and Door and Bore. . .and I am one.

I am a blog whoooooore.

I didn't mean to.

It was just one time.  And then it happened again.

I read a blog I like a lot, Annabel Manners, and then I read one of the blogs she follows, The Sweet Tea Diaries, then I saw one that SHE follows, The Loaded Handbag, and then she referenced a great blog and before you know it, my dance card is filled with blogs.  And that's on top of my longtime (several month) favorites Loose Leaf Writing and The Bitchy Waiter.

I think we're a bunch of funny women who love to read other funny women -- I mean, people.So we comment on a blog, then we look each other up & find their blogs, love them then keep going.

This is how I started on Facebook.  Uh oh.


  1. I found your blog through a blog whore chain, too! Thanks so much for the link! BLOG WHORES UNITE!

  2. Yes, here's to funny women blogging and sharing - I'm totally hooked too! And this blog in particular makes me grin.

  3. You are too much! And that's how I found you too, I'm pretty sure. Through BW I am allllmmoooossst positive. And I found Annabel Manners through you, too! Love her as well... It's just a big circle of love!


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