Friday, September 17, 2010

Tangible Proof that Fat is a Gift.

I worked out this week with my friend Mary & her gorgeous daughter Rachel. 

Want to be intimidated?  Work out with a 15 year old.

I told her that she must continue to work out regularly for the rest of her life.  Or she'd find herself size 24 and 44 years old writing a blog about how hard it is to do push ups.

Mary (her mom, my friend) is not a size 24.  I think she's an 8 now.  She's strong.

And when you are a strong size 8, guess what?

Victor makes you clap between push ups.  He makes you take 2 stairs at a time in the pit.  He makes you do burpees.

And that?  Is one reason why fat is a gift. 

I am going to make a Starbucks run for something yummy.

Because I know Victor will make me pay for this post.

Love  you Vic!  See you 3pmish, 'kay?


  1. You go Mary!!! You are doing great! Laurie

  2. I was very, very sure that I could do 10 pushups. My boyfriend humored me. He said, "I'm sure you can, honey."

    I HATE it when he uses that patronizing tone! So I decided to prove to him that I can. And guess what? I can do one pushup.



  3. @Laurie -- Thanks!
    @Alexa - That's one more than I could do when I started. Now I can do the ones from my knees. Not at full toes yet. but I suspect I will before Vic is done with me.

    And everyone? he made me pay. Oh yes he did. OW!


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