Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear Cancer:

You suck.

You used to scare everyone silly, but we are not afraid of you anymore.

You didn't get my mom.  You didn't get my dad.  You didn't get my mother in law & you're not gonna get my bff Rae! 

She shaved her head & then know what she did?

She smiled for a photo & posted it on FACEBOOK.  So there.

You can try to beat us all you want, but we know how to fight.  And we will keep fighting.

You might as well just go away. 

And never come back.


  1. that's right, sista! we are going to bring this sucka down!

  2. I am pressing the LIKE button on this post.

  3. Hi, I'm Maria, Rae's niece. I found a link to your blog on her facebook page. I just want to say "Thank You" for this post. Thanks for being on her side, & thanks for being someone who loves her like I do.

    That is what she did, because that is who she is. And we are all the better for knowing her.

  4. Found your blog from Facebook. I'm getting Chemo for Multiple Myeloma, third time through.


  5. @Dave -- I am so sorry you are still going through it. Let me know if you need more tacky jokes for the nurses. Love you, brother!

  6. You are right! We are not afraid of you Cancer and bald is beautiful!! Thanks Mary.


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