Saturday, September 17, 2011


I am a blog writer, but mostly I am a blog reader.

There are some amazingly talented writers out there.  Some don't even mean to be great writers -- they just are.  Case in point:  Andi at Bitchy Pants.  Andi's writing touches your heart.

Some are writers IRL and share their talent FOR FREE on the blogosphere.  Niki at The Loaded Handbag is a writer and photographer and all-around creative renaissance woman.  (God bless you Spell Check.)  Nicki's writing touches your soul.

Some are just regular folks who like to make me laugh.  At least I think that is their goal in life.  Like Al at Penwasser Place.  The more I read Al the more I wish he lived next door.  Maybe Al would actually mow his lawn, which would be a double benefit.

The thing is, as wonderful as these blogs are, I can't always comment on them.

Not that I don't always HAVE comments on them.  I just can't do it.  Blogger won't let me.

It's probably because I am reading at home.  When I comment at work, I rarely have problems.  Not that I read blogs while I am at WORK you understand.  I don't.  Much.

As a blogger, I know how valuable comments are.  I live for comments.  When I write something  I think is funny, I check it over and over to see if someone left a comment. 

I read two great posts today.  I really need to comment, but the settings won't let me.  So I am going to comment here:

Penwasser Place
You think THOSE are man boobs?  I need to introduce you to my dad. 

The Loaded Handbag
First of all. . . .I LUV YOU NICKI!  Your summer photos make me want to pack up and move to Boston today.  I can taste the cucumbers and smell the flowers.  Summer in South Texas is like winter in Chicago.  There comes a time when you have to get inside and stay there for weeks. 

Finally, I love you a little bit more today because of the red beads with the Cat in the Hat top.  Accessories are what separates us from the lesser animals. 

So Al, Nicki, Grams, Scout, Miss Sweet Tea and all my other blogpals - - I am reading.  Please keep writing!


  1. I have the same problem! I usually go through my Google Reader when I first get to work and they have blocked many websites recently. So annoying!

    I appreciate all of your comments and I know that even when you don't comment, you are reading!


  2. AHHHH THE SAME THING HAPPENS TO ME! Blogger will be like "please choose a profile" and I'm all, dude, I ONLY HAVE ONE PROFILE." Then there's the captcha crap-- which never loads or erases my previous comment or comes up AFTER I hit "Post comment" and I've already left the page, leaving my comment to sit alone in the internet wasteland.

    I LOVE READING YOUR COMMENTS! Though this comment made my face turn scarlet from blushing. Thank you so much for all that (undeserved) bloglove!!!

    As for the summer-winter thing, I totally get that-- that's how VA was for me (though of course I know Texas is way freaking hotter). I was a shut-in all summer down there. Now that winter's approaching, though, I'm looking longingly at those summery autumn days down South...

    And I'm so glad someone noticed my prize red beads. They're cheap and they've been repaired about three times, but that necklace is one of the few accessories I own that hasn't been lost or broken completely. Sigh. I need accessory magnets.

  3. I just found Nicki's blog through Candice, and then found yours! I remember you from my friend Alexa's blog, but I was just a reader back then, and didn't even have Blogger. So glad I found you again, Mary! (And let's bug Lex to blog more often!)

  4. Miss Mary, your comments make my day! The one about Tony Danza had me laughing out loud last week.

    Whether reading or writing, we're all busy ladies. And it's fun to support each other's work!

    Hope all is well with you and your fam. xoxox!

  5. Wow! I am touched that you think I write well. To me, it's just drivel. And I completely understand about Blogger, hence my switch some time back. To this day, I still can't post on my old blog.

    And I feel the same--about reading,that is. Problem is, I can keep up with the reading on my phone, but I hate typing out comments there. But I am always lurking there, reading away.

    I appreciate that you read faithflly. I love the comments. And I love that, no matter what type of crap I sling, you always seem to get me.

    Thanks so much, Friend!

  6. Hi Mary,

    I check your blog and try to post a comment when I have something to say (or some good sarcasm). I do love you and your blog. And thank you for your comments on my blog.

    I'll be here commenting. And telling you that I'm proud of what you are doing to get in and stay in shape. Keep it up !!


    wv:Minali- Re-typing your comments a second or third time because captcha keeps deleting them.


I LOVE to read comments. Seriously. I check them every day. Insecure? Maybe.