Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time Management

I am busy.

I have a husband & 3 kids. 
I work full time (where I take occasional blog breaks.).
I am in graduate school.
I workout.
I teach CCD.

and now. . .

I am a Scout Mom.

I am a big believer in Scouting.  I think the Eagle Scout program is an incredible leadership experience and will benefit my boys for life.  I really, really, really, really want them to be Eagle Scouts.

I won't FORCE them to be Eagles.  That would be counter productive.

But I will do anything I can to help them be Eagles.

It's gonna take some time.

Sometimes, I am so busy, I feel sorry for myself. 

Oh poor me.

Then I invariably meet someone who puts my schedule to shame. 

Like Pam.

Pam (not her real name) also has boys in Scouts.  She is also working on her Ph.D, works full time, and -- get this -- she is a ROOM MOTHER.


Don't you know that the only thing keeping me from being a room mother is my BUSY SCHEDULE?

I truly appreciate room mothers.  I just don't ever want to be one.

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  1. Scouting Mom? Good for you!!
    One of the biggest disappointments of my life (besides that Farrah Fawcett thing), is that I never made Eagle Scout. I made it to Life Scout, but came up short in the merit badge and service project category. I really wished I had made it.
    I made Vigil Honor, but, still it would have been nice....

  2. Scouting Mom sounds like fun! You do so much, I'm really impressed! I'm actually tired just reading about it...I'm pretty sure the husband & three kids alone would wear me out!

  3. I remember those busy days. Sometimes I miss them, but not often. I agree with you though, scouting is one of the best investments you can make with your boys. There are very few other things that compare to becoming an Eagle Scout.

    Thanks for your kind words about my photography. I'm a novice and take hundreds of pictures to get some good ones. Thank God for digital cameras.

  4. This post touched my heart. Though I don't work out near as often as I'd like (BUT I HAVE TO TELL YOU my house's prior residents moved and left their treadmill behind-- lucky us?-- but I've actually been using it this summer! REALLY using it! Not just like 20-minute walkathons, either!) and grad school is still just a blip on my horizon (My family, though good-hearted, keeps pushing even though I keep telling my family that the creative writing postgraduate market--and thus the book market-- is positively saturated with the 20-something kids who haven't truly experienced life yet and they don't need another one until I'm ready to focus and write my damn thesis-which-will-be-my-book already), my mom teaches CCD, I was a girl scout for TEN YEARS (taught me how to cook, build a fire, camp, snd sell a mean box of cookies) and Derrick (and my ex, coincidentally) was an Eagle Scout. Ladies, you will never find a man better than an Eagle Scout. Polite, well-intentioned, good-hearted, and handy. Knows how to cook and cook WELL. Can build a fire with the best of 'em. Can fix my car, the lawn mower, the kitchen sink, or anything else that breaks. Is a complete gentleman and a committed one-guy-one-girl man. Can skin a rabbit or take me out to a fancy dinner in the same evening.

    Mommas of the world, I beg you, follow Mary's example-- encourage your babies to grow up to be Eagle Scouts.

  5. I love this post Mary!! I have been a Scout Mom going into my 6th year and will be for another 7 years for sure, at least that's when the youngest will make Eagle. I have also held 3 positions wihtin the Pack for the past 5 years along with Bryan holding Cubmaster for the past 3 years (which really means I have held 4 positions for the past 3 years). I am also in the Nursing program at Del Mar and a Room Parent at St. Pat's. It's a crazy schedule but you know what.?.I would trade it for anything!! Come on Mary, it'll be just fine!!

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