Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Miracle of the Internet. . .(and the coolest GOF giveaway EVER)

I was in Austin last week.

For work.

So I couldn't work out.

Or so I thought.

I thought that since I was in Austin for work, I would have to get together with my colleagues, eat rich Mexican food and order dessert.  Because it is a BUSINESS trip.  And also, I would not be able to work out.


It's important.

So when I told Gabe that I couldn't come to the gym on Monday, I had on my very saddest sad face.  Poor me.  Have to work.  With Mexican food and dessert.  (Flan.  Yum).  Or maybe Italian and tiramisu.  But it's for WORK. 

Gabe saw through my saddest sad face and said "I can Skype you".

Blink blink.


I love Skype.  It allows me to talk to my friends and family far away and Gabe knows this.  I love Skype almost as much as Facebook, and that's a lot.

Apparently Skype can also be used to schedule a one on one appointment with your trainer for anywhere in the world.

Stoopid Skype.

Then I thought -- how hard can a Skype workout be?  I won't have any weights with me.  I won't have any equipment.  A few jumping jacks and that should do it, right?

Ummmm.. . no.

We started our workout with Leg Cranks.  (24 squats, 24 lunges, 24 jump squats, 24 jump lunges).  Five sets.  Then 5 sets of walk-outs. . . I may have mentioned those before.  Lots and lots of sets of bicycle crunches.  (don't ask). 

After 30 minutes, I was just as out of breath and soaking wet as I always am after working with Gabe.  Only this time, all I had to drink was the $10 of bottled water they put in the room.

And. . .since I did a brutal and sweaty workout, when I went for my Mexican feast, I ordered carne asada tacos on corn tortillas and charro beans.  No cheese.  No enchiladas.  No flan. I looked it up on Weight-fucking-Watchers.  The whole meal was only 10 points.  I only had about 6 chips before dinner too. 

I didn't mean to make sensible food choices, I swear.

Stoopid Skype.

Here's my giveaway:

Because of stoopid Skype, you too can workout with my friends at V-Fit.  Even if you live in Pakistan!  (Hi Mariam!)

For my give away, I will give the winner one 30 minute Skype workout with V-Fit.  All you have to do is leave a comment on the blog.  Not on facebook, not on my e-mail. 

I will announce the winner next Friday (September 9, 2011).

You should totally enter. 


  1. Yeah...stoopid skype! hahahahaha!!! We live in a world were big brother is always watching and as it turns out, can make you work out too. The guys a VFit are kinda scarey on the occasion but danggit, I look past that cause they are so cute! I know you do too!!!! Thanks so much for being a cheerleader for everyone all the time. I read your blogs because I can relate, I get what you are talking about and I feel like you do. You just let EVERYONE thanks for everything. Now...let's go get some Mexican food...we can Skype it off later.

  2. Um, I'm a Skype virgin. But I love Mexican. Lunges, not so much. I also need a kick in the shorts to get my butt exerising. Can you throw in a Skype lesson? :-)

  3. Wow even technology has workout benefits. So I guess there is no longer excuses for not working out when I'm out of town or not wanting to drive to a gym in an effort to save gas. -christina g

  4. And no tiramisu? What a gyp. Skype blows.

  5. You are so funny!!!! I think I was doing bicycle crunches on the floor next to Gabe's feet when he was telling you about Skype! I was thinking, oh no......this is bad news for my upcoming trips! The V-Fit guys will not let us slack off ever!!!

  6. Jeez.. I need this.. I do. I get good walking around going at work.. but then I eat three bagels for lunch. But I know I would die. Would the lesson be a little easy since I am a beginner?

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