Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Need a New Bucket

I have 3 more 5Ks to run before I finish my goal of 1 5K every month for the year.


I like 5Ks.  They are fun.  They are hard for me.  I feel like I've accomplished something when I finish one.

I don't LOVE 5Ks. 

I haven't gotten much faster since I started.  Hell -- I haven't gotten any faster. 

In 2012, I am not going to run a 5K every month.

I AM going to run Beach to Bay, because B2B is the ultimate.  I will run anything that my guys at V-Fit put on.

But 1 a month?  Nah.

Which begs the question:  what is my fitness goal next year?

Don't tell me to do a 10K, 1/2 Marathon or Marathon.  No thanks.

I do need to accomplish something though.

Something hard for me. 

Something that I have to work on all year long.

Something I can blog about.



  1. What about some type of Ironman thing? My sister-in-law trained last year for one in Connecticut. She didn't win it-not really close-but she finished.
    Or, there's another type of endurance thing. Not really a race against others (although it KINDA is), it's more of a personal endurance test. It's called "Tough Mudder." Google it, see what you think.

  2. Derrick's sister just did a Tough Mudder-type race and it looked SOOO hard-- she did look completely hot all muddy and determined though. I was thinking about that, but I'm getting the feeling that race-type events aren't really your thing?

    (No judgment-- I've never done a 5k in my life. That is NOT my idea of fun.)

    What if you choose a fitness "event-type-thing" for every month of the year? Like, January: two mile hike. February: rock-climbing. March: Zumba/Zorba/I don't know what it's called class. That way you could do like a sampling of different FUN ways to stay in shape. Or maybe you should just do water polo.


    Hey, it'd be amazing blog material. Just saying.

    OR you could just set a simple goal like-- I'm going to do one more rep each month. I'm going to be able to run this much farther each month.

    Or you can buy yourself something pretty every month that you go to a WW meeting and don't punch someone in the face. That's what I would do, personally.

  3. I went from a couple of 5Ks to a Half Marathon. It really wasn't too bad. It does take a lot of training to get built up to that mileage though. If you do run a half, make sure your training takes you past the 13.1 mile mark a couple of times. At 10 miles it seems that most everyone I talked to afterwards felt the same way as me, you hit a brick wall. Get past the wall and the last couple of miles are fine.

  4. The Tough Mudder is very aptly named. NO WAY would I have done that in my 20s, let alone now. My nieces did one this past May (crazy kids). It didn't look so much like a race to me as just an endurance event. An incredibly strenuous endurance event. Which you have to pay for. But, they give you a banana at the end. So, I guess it's all good.

  5. aw hell, girl.....that's easy. HAVE ANOTHER BABY!!!! hahahhahaha!!!!!



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