Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Gift of Fat Giveaway -- Updating the rules!

I am such a comment whoooooooooore that in order to get more comments on my blog, I am going to GIVE AWAY something.

Probably should pick something decent.

I am giving away a Gift Card to Starbucks (because they are everywhere). 

All you have to do to win is:

1. Tell me your favorite movie OF ALL TIME
2. Tell me your LEAST favorite movie OF ALL TIME
3. Tell me your craziest Halloween Costume ever.

Updated rule 1: You must leave your comment HERE.  Not on Facebook, Twitter or Linked in.  E-mails don't count either.
Updated rule 2: If I gave birth to you, or I am married to you, you are not eligible.  All others are eligible.

I will announce the winner next week.

I will even let Greg pick the winner, so you don't have to worry about me maybe playing favorites.  Like to Nicki or Alexa O or Rae or Annabel Manners or other frequent commenters.  Because I would never do that.  Even though I love them best.

And since you are DYING to know my answers to these questions:

Favorite movie OF ALL TIME:  Sixteen Candles.  Or Seven Samurai.  Or Singing in the Rain.  Or Breakfast at Tiffany's.  This is a hard question.

Least favorite: Gorillas in the Mist.  This is an easy question.

Craziest Halloween Costume Ever:  When I was about 7 or 8, I dressed up as a pack of cigarettes.  Specifically I was a pack of Benson & Hedges Menthol Lights 100s.  Because that is the brand my mom smokes. 

Can you imagine an 8 year old dressing up as a pack of cigarettes today?  I didn't think so.

Can't wait to see your answers!!!!


  1. Mary you are tooooo funny!!!

    My favorite movie if all time is Dirty Dancing. Maybe it's just the fact that Patrick Swayze is in it!!!

    My least favorite movie is Planet of the Apes. I just never really liked that movie!!

    My craziest costume of all time is..... well it's not crazy just embarrassing! I was a chubby child and my mom thought it would be cute to dress me up as a "Miss America" girl complete with a crown, sash, and evening gown, since I loved to watch them all the time!!

  2. Fave movie - Dirty Dancing- It took place in the Catskill Mountains of New York. I spent quite a number of summer weekends there. My husband and I spent our honeymoon and our tenth anniversary at Grossinger's Resort in the Catskill Mts. - woohoo!!!We had a super, awesome, splendid, amazing, passionate, loving, romantic and steamy time.

    Least favorite - All horror movies. I hate anything that's scary, bloody, gory, and violent.

    My favorite costumes - dressing up as a flower child and dressing up as a Cabbage Patch kid (with pigtails, rosy cheeks, cute baby dress)
    (from 521 neighbor)

  3. Favorite Movie - Steel Magnolias

    Least Favorite(s) - Battlefield Earth, The Cell, Gigli

    Favorite Halloween Costume - I can't really remember any one specific costume I wore (sad - I know!!) but I do remember that they all came with those hard plastic faces.

    To be totally impartial on your giveaway you could use to generate a winner. That way it's all luck of the draw. All the blog giveaways I've ever entered all use it. :)


    That is hi-larious.

    And, I would guess, a little traumatizing.

    Now, hmmm...
    Favorite Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's.

    Least Favorite Movie: I don't know, I usually turn them off if they disturb me so. But do you know what movie hoodwinked me? The Big Chill. I ADORED that movie until the end. And I don't want to spoil it for anyone. So I will vaguely say that "the pregnancy thing" disturbed me so very greatly that I am STILL creeped out by it.

    Craziest Halloween Costume: In first grade, my mom asked me what I wanted to be for Halloween. I said a horse. She said "...are you serious?" I said yes. So she made me a horse costume. Brown pants and shirt with fake vinyl "hooves." And a huge brown horse head with a pink satin tongue. My face stuck out the mouth. The head looked like it was from the Godfather. Everything was just a little cockeyed

    Yes. Even in small-town do-gooder Pennsylvania, all the kids still made fun of me.

  5. ok, first, Tom says he does not remember you dresses up as a pack of cigarettes, but doesn't really doubt it. We were walking at my super walk pace, and he actually tripped as I told him, then couldn't stop laughing.

    I wrote up my answers to the 3 questions last nite, but my computer was running slow. So, here's the quick list.

    1. Favorite movies: (needed categories for this one) - almost all Carey Grant's, love the romance - spooky psychic thrillers: 6th sense, the shining, the ring - drama: out of africa - just because Meryl Strep was amazing- funny: Fletch and Vacation, then Superbad, I had 1 more, but can't remember it now, I know there's more, but this is my start at favorites. ..

    2. least - big hype bad movies! i.e. legends of the fall, why???? and then the crying game, umm no real surprise

    3. craziest ever halloween costume? I never really did crazy costumes, but I would say my ah,ha momment was dressed as a big round taffy apple, when 1 friends was a pretty fairy. Since then, all my halloween costumes have been pretty and flirty or at least attractive and flattering.

    (Dave I'm waiting for your favorite movie to be Hot Tub Time Machine

  6. I LOVE Up! I've watched a whole week straight and my husband got sooo tired of it!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  7. Hi Mary, it's Diane (cousin). Just found your blog and subscribed =)

    And, as I am Starbucks' h00r, I'll add a comment to me in the running. =)

    Favorite Movie = Top 3 count? Clueless, Never Been Kissed, or Sixteen Candles

    Least Favorite Movie = Well the only movie I remember HATING w/ a passion and wanted to stab it in the eye was Made with Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau. But, from an emotionally upsetting standpoint I cannot watch Project X, Marley and Me, or any movie about animals dying.

    Craziest Halloween Costume = Hmm, well, when I was in elementary school my Mom told me I'd have to make my own costumes if I wanted to dress up (unlike Devin & Melissa getting Disney Princess costumes each year). I think it was 6th grade and I found an old blondish colored page-boy wig my Mom had so I decided I'd be Humpty Dumpty. I wore a white trashbag that I stuffed with two pillows, and wore a white turtleneck, white leggings, and white shoes. I think I also wore a hat with the wig. To this day, I cannot believe my Mom let me go to school wearing a trash bag. >.<

  8. Best movie: Gone With The Wind
    Worst: Son Of The Mask

    Craziest costume: I was a man's worst nightmare...missing teeth, robe, slippers, curlers and big ol' preggo belly. One year I was broke so I bought a bag of purple balloons, fastened them to a hefty bag and was a bunch of grapes. It was actually very cute!


  9. just feeling good enough to catch up on your blogs...mine is going untended until i feel i wanted to tell you that i love you and love when i see my name on here...on the other hand, i am not a starbucks fan so i will take myself out of the running but if you ever have a dairy queen contest, i am there!

    my favorite movie changes with my moods but i have a few that come to mind: road house; the long, long trailer; rv; the vacation movies; and the best is anything i want to watch that i have on the dvd shelf next to the tv!

    my least favorite movie is anything horror, sci fi or fantasy, but i put up with some of the stuff so i can sit with mark (and he puts up with alot of mine to be with me, we are sickening)

    i would have to say the weirdest costume was the year i went to a party at the city hall where i lived dressed as pebbles from the flintstones, complete with diaper and dog bone! can't believe i went out in public, but at least i wore a blouse with it!

    love you lots, cuz!

  10. 1. 500 Days of Summer or The Notebook- can't decide!
    2. Apocalypse Now- ugh!
    3. I dressed up as a christmas present when I was 5- all it was was a giant wrapped box. I also went once as a dead prostitute back in high school!

  11. Mary,
    Favorite movie of all time. Mr Holland's Opus and City Slickers. Sorry, it is a tie. Together theses two movies defines my drive and motivation for life and all I do.
    Least favorite-Alien. Only movie that every truely scared the poo poo out of me.
    Craziest Halloween Costume - clown. The red suit was thin and everyone could see my undies through it. So it was Crazy bad.
    Jerry P

  12. I'm not here for the giveaway seeing you already picked, I just wanted to tell you that dressing up like a pack of cigarettes is the funniest thing I've heard. I found your blog via a comment you left on the bitchy waiter's blog. I'll be back.

  13. @ holly -- Hi! Welcome! And "Holly" was always on my short list of girls names. Except I always have boys. . .


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