Saturday, October 9, 2010

Took 'Em Back. . .

I did it.

I took the cute clothes back.

Greg was cool about it -- he didn't MAKE me take them back.  But I felt like such a hypocrite. 

That is an icky, icky feeling.

And how would I feel if he spent a lot of money on an unbudgeted item?

Pissed.  Really really pissed.

For all you "keep them, you earned them" folks out there -- thank you for your validation.  All is not lost. 

I will get them next month.

Because I am putting them in the budget!


  1. You know what? Good for you for sticking to your principles. I admire you for having the courage to take them back...knowing me, I'd probably be like "HONEY PLEASE TAKE THEM BACK FOR ME I CAN'T FACE THAT STORE AGAIN."

    And that? That's why you're a stronger person than me =)

  2. Good job Mary! And putting them into next month's budget, awesome job! I'm proud of you =}

  3. I went to the gym yesterday, got on the stairclimb, and thought of you.

    I was sweating like a farm animal and panting like an asthmatic (probably because I am one) and I flashed to the TV footage of you on those stairs.

    And I thought, "I hope she keeps those clothes. She deserves them!"

    But feeling bad about *stuff* is never worth it. It's only a treat if it FEELS like a treat. So I'm super glad you're budgeting them for next month!


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