Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Teachers Pet? Probably not.

I am taking Marketing 5311.

It's a very interesting class, and the discussion is always good.

I sit in front.  Because I need to see the board, and because I am running in from my workout, so it's the last seat left.

Yesterday, I did my first non-bootcamp workout.  It was awesome!  (except for the really really really sore arms, legs and ass this morning).

Class starts at 7.  At 6:30, I finished the workout, changed, picked up a bottle of water and a bottle of Sprite Zero and rushed to class. 

At 6:55 I pulled into the parking lot at the University, hopped out of my car, and ran (seriously -- I ran) to the building where my class is held, zipped up the 3 flights of stairs (Thanks V-Fit!) and landed in my seat just as Dr. Byus was handing back last week's quizzes.

I was panting a little.  I was a little red.  But I am sure no one noticed me.

Until I opened my Sprite. 

I sprayed Sprite Zero ALL OVER the classroom. 

Thank GOD Dr. Byus was handing out quizzes, or my Sprite would have caught him right in the crotch.

I went from "a little red" to crimson. 

Maybe next week I should get a Gatorade. 


  1. OH. NO.

    So glad you're able to laugh about it! I'd probably still be crying in the corner.

  2. OMG, This was the funniest thing I read this week, miss Saturday workout. I will probably see you in November, too crazy this month.


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