Sunday, October 10, 2010

In honor of my wedding anniversary. . . .

This photo was taken on October 10, 1992.

I used to keep it on my desk at my job in a staffing agency.

One day in 1999 an acquaintance came by for help with her resume. 

Her: "Is this YOU?"

Me: "Yep."  (Internal me: uhh. . .Duh.  Of course it's me.)

Her: "Are you still married?"

Me:  "Yes.  We've been married about 7 years already."  (Internal me:  How many divorced people keep their wedding photos on their desks?  Dumbshit.)

Her: "So that's your husband"

Me: "Yes"  (Internal me: No -- that's the waiter. Cheezus.)

Her: "He's very good looking"

Me: "Thank you"  (Internal me: Damn straight!)

Her:  "I mean, he's really good looking"

Me: "Thank you"  (Internal me: yeah -- you said that)

Her: "I mean. . . .I mean, he's SO good looking!"

Me: "Yes, he really is".  (Internal me: WTF?)

Her: "I just can't get over how good looking he is.  Not that your husband wouldn't be good looking.  But he's really good looking"

Me: "Thanks.  Very much.  Now -- about your resume. . ." (Internal me:  You think he's too good looking for me.  OMG.  You think I should be married to someone who looks like Louie Anderson.  You are a real bitch).

I haven't seen her for several years. ..I  kinda doubt she's reading my blog.  But if I ever see her again, know what I'm gonna say?

Me: "After 18 years and 3 children he's still great looking.  We still can't get enough of each other either.  So suck it, bitch!"

If you see her, give her the message, willya?


  1. LOVE IT!!! Heres to 10more years with you hott husband!!!! Go on with your bad self! lol.


  2. Oh, Mary...! You crack me up -- just like your mom!

    Shannon McHugh

  3. You look absolutely stunning Mary and Greg is so young and handsome :)) Happy anniversary to both of you!!

  4. Right-o. Just get me some FROM THE DESK OF GIFTOFFAT stationary and I'm on it.

    (Seriously, what a bitch)

  5. Lol you are too funny should write a book....a lot of us think like you but don't have the balls to say it! ~kasey salazar

  6. I'll be on the look out for her. Is she good looking? I mean really good looking? HA!

  7. Happy Belated Anniversary to the good looking couple!! and Ditto what Maria said.


  8. Well, he IS good looking. I mean, REALLY good looking... heehee.

    You know what? Screw her.

    She was probably jealous.

    (Isn't that such a good Mom answer? I'm practicing for when my daughter comes home and some girl has been mean to her...)

  9. I feel like that right now about John. Everyone keeps telling me how great he looks and how "I better watch out". WTF!?!?! Thanks for your post on FB that he IS my man. People should think before they speak! Have a little respect people!



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