Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mea Culpa

Who is the one always harping about paying cash and staying within your budget?


Who is the one who does almost everything Dave Ramsey says?

Me.  (Except the private school thing.)

Who is scared to go home and tell her husband that she impulse shopped?


I budgeted for new workout clothes, because I really do need them.  So I bought them last week.  I also bought a long tweed skirt, a pair of boots and a handbag. 

They weren't budgeted.

I need to take them back.

I haven't yet. 

Then today.

I can't believe what I did today.

I am so embarrassed.

My friend, who works at Talbot's, texted me.  She said she had a 20% off deal for me.  So I went.  Just to look.  Not to buy.

I love Talbot's clothes.  Classic, preppy and very high quality.  And when on sale, they can be a good deal. 

I tried on a black silk turtleneck.  Because I don't have one, and really?  A black turtleneck is a staple that you can wear for years. 

The turtleneck looked sooooooooooo good on me. 

So did the black twinset.

And so when she offered to special order the red cable knit turtleneck for me, how could I refuse?  I need a red cable knit turtleneck.  I do!

Plus, she gave me a 10% discount PLUS the 20% discount.  That's like . . .30% off!

With 30% off, the bill was only $180.00.  For four things (well, five - the twinset is two things). 

I don't know which I dread more: telling Greg what I did, or having to face Kelly when I return everything.


Dave Ramsey have mercy on me!


  1. Gotta love that Damn Ramsey!! We too are faithful followers - for over 5 years now. I love it when people look at my raggedy envelope that I've pulled out with Blow/Groceries/Whatever written on it because I haven't put in a new envelope. When I get a question about it....I love it even more =} Enjoy your returns girl, but the Holidays are coming - you'll need that $$ then!! Love ya sister in budgeting.

  2. You owe it to yourself Mary for all you hard work. Working out = new clothes! That is why I do it! You've done great and deserve a treat! :) Laurie

  3. Every once in a blue moon (or should I say, every once in a Talbot's sale) it is OK--nay, NECESSARY--to break the rules!

    Plus, looking cute for one's husband is practically noble. He'll thank you later.

  4. I know I'm being an enabler here THEY WERE THIRTY PERCENT OFF? Ya gotta keep 'em! Plus, it's not like you splurged on go-go boots with a seven-inch heel that you will never wear but they look way too cute not to buy.

    And you're right--you can wear those clothes for years.

    Boy, I am being the wrong kind of supportive right now, aren't I?

  5. Aww, sometimes you gotta splurge. Go for it!

  6. Sorry - but items that cost $45 each even when 30% off are just too expensive!! There are no clothing items worth that much except maybe a wedding dress!!

    Take it from the queen of returns - it's not that bad. And if your Talbot friend is really your friend than she will understand.


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