Monday, October 4, 2010

Old Crush, New Crush

I admit it. I have had this crush since high school.

And you would think after all these years, I would be over it.

I thought I was.

I looked fondly back on that time as iconic 80's. My defining moments. But it was my past, you know?

Until this:

Getting the Pretty Back: Friendship, Family, and Finding the Perfect Lipstick [Book]

Molly Ringwald wrote a BOOK!

Not just any book either. Not a book about what it was really like to kiss Jake Ryan (I know it must have been amazing). Not a book about where Anthony Michael Hall is these days (not sure I really want to know).

This book is about fashion. And friendships. And makeup. And food. Lots and lots of talk about food.

Molly Ringwald is a girlfriend! She is smart! Funny! Well read! REAL! I am SO excited!

If you had a big girl crush on Molly in the 80's (and if you were in high school in the 80's how can you not have a girl crush on Molly??); then you will love this book.

It is no coincidence that my "girl" names when I was preggers included Molly and Claire.

I pink puffy heart Molly Ringwald now more than ever.


  1. JAKE RYAN. Apparently he's like a carpenter or something nowadays. I love that. I love him. I used to have a Sixteen Candles notebook with a transparent image of Samantha & Jake on every page. My friends and I would use it to write notes, but we made a rule that no one could write on Jake's face. So on every page, there'd just be this one blank spot in the otherwise completely scrawled upon page.

  2. @Nicki . . .ooooh a carpenter. Dreamy and a half! NO ONE comes close to Jake. Wonder if he'd make me some shelves. . .

  3. I love this. (Says the lurker who finally had something to say!) I felt so old when I mentioned Molly movies at work and nobody had a clue. I feel so at-home right now!


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