Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Am Going To Tell You How To Vote.

First, decide who you should vote for. 

Second, go to a polling place.  They are all over the place.  If you aren't sure where to go, click here.

Third, show your ID to the old person sitting behind the table.  I don't know why they are always old, but they always are.  They are nice though.  They will look you up.  Then they will have you sign a paper saying that you are you. They will show you how to use whatever voting machine is at your particular polling location. 

Fourth, enter the voting booth, read your options, select the best option.

If there is no best option, select the least horrible option.

PLEASE NOTE:  You will have the option to vote all Republican or all Democrat.  This is for stupid people.  You are not stupid.  I know, because you are reading my blog. 

Fifth, cast your ballot.


Sixth: call your friend who always bitches about how lousy the government is.

Tell them to vote.

That is how to vote. 


  1. you forgot 'take your children with you' so you raise voting adults and instill in them the importance of voting. I think Alex has gone with me everytime since he was born and now i notice him actually paying attention to and discussing candidates and issues. i have not taken him in the machine since he was 8 or so, but he actually looks forward to going to the polls.

    Also as a former publicly elected official, it is wierd to see your own name on the ballot, and at the time it actually did occur to me that some people might consider me the LHO (least horrible option) LOL!

  2. Mary, I think the old people behind the table are there because they'd be in a nasty gang of some sort if they weren't!

    Shannon McQ

  3. Ha ha, this is great. I agree with not voting straight Republican or Democrat. I vote on the person, not the party.


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